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About the Author: Darin M. Preston

 Darin Preston currently is a school psychologist in the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin school district. Although Fond du Lac is a predominantly white community, the population of minority families is growing rapidly. The transition has not always been smooth as students, teachers, and community learn to adjust to the influx of new ideas and unfamiliar cultural expectations. Darin's work responsibilities for the school district have changed significantly from providing solely special education evaluations to his now becoming a more eclectic mix of advisor, counselor, and program supporter. As his school district moves to keep pace with the changing times and demographics, Darin sees his position as one to provide support to all within the system who are ready to move forward and embrace the future.

  Outside of his role as school psychologist, Darin has been consumed with the telling of Sequence 77 for some time. At times, relationships have fallen by the wayside in favor of making progress on the book. Darin is hopeful that the sharing of his obsession will prove cathartic, and allow him the time and energy to be free to explore personal life a bit more.

 While certainly optimistic regarding the success of Sequence 77, Darin would consider himself satisfied upon knowing that even a few readers might stop and think about the current state of the world we all share. Have discussions and positive action stalled out, or is society ready to once again begin to move ahead, together? At the very least, a frank, courageous discussion is overdue.