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Seth Alexander

The greatest lessons in life
are often taught by our failures

 Seth Alexander began his career as a law enforcement officer, with aspirations of becoming a police force crisis negotiator. As is often the tendency of the young, Seth believed that he was ready for anything. Before realizing his dream of becoming a negotiator, a tragic event changed his life and goals forever. Down, but not defeated, Seth rebuilt his confidence and successfully joined the ranks of the FBI as a field agent.  

 Seth’s best friend and partner with the FBI is Leo Alejo. Despite being something of an odd couple, these two men work well together and have quickly evolved into the top field agents in their region. Although Leo’s corny sense of humor, love of hard rock music and insistence upon driving a “classic” Ford Galaxy everywhere they go often leaves Seth shaking his head, he finds his partner’s exuberance and positive attitude refreshing.

 Seth’s experiences have served him well in his current role as an FBI agent, but a strange new case will lead him down a path he could never have foreseen. This time, failure could mean disaster on a global scale.