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Niclas Kappel

How does it make you feel if I say you are someone I "tolerate"? Substitute that final word with "accept" and our world becomes a very different place.

 Niclas Kappel was born shortly after the first World War in Annaberg, a small, barely noticed little town near the Ore Mountains in Germany. Curious about nature and the inner workings of all things, Niclas's brilliance was apparent at an early age. His academic skill quickly matched and surpassed that of his two older brothers by the time he reached adolescence, which opened up opportunities which his parents never thought he would have.

 For a time, Niclas lived his dream. He attended one of the bests school in Germany, was doted over by recruiters and ultimately landed a position working with some of the top scientific minds in the country. Much of Europe may have been at war, but he was happy taking part in his one, true and pure

 As with all dreams, there comes a time to wake up.

 Niclas's relentless efforts to push the envelope of scientific discovery had never allowed for much consideration of consequence. His job was to look through a microscope rather than at the bigger picture. A tragic discovery and twist of fate changed his point of view drastically and forever, putting him on a new path.

 Now hiding in the United States, Niclas is running to keep ahead of the FBI as his plans near completion. His ultimate goal within reach, it is unclear to what ends he will go to accomplish this final, mysterious mission.