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Manisha Shukla

For science to be truly pure, it must be explored with conscience. Without this key element, the simple notion of discovery becomes corrupt and self-defeating.

 Although her parents lived in the Orissa District of East India for several years, Manisha was born and raised in New York City. Her mother conducted research and instructed at Hofstra University as a molecular biologist. Her father, a Cultural Attach√©, worked closely with many foreign dignitaries and diplomats. Manisha was always close to her parents, idolizing her mother as the epitome of grace and intelligence and respecting her father's ability to set people at ease. Each of her siblings was intelligent, but each had very different interests which their parents encouraged.

 Particularly inspired by her mother's profession, Manisha focused her energy on scientific study and earned a PhD in Genetics and Genomics. She quickly became renowned in her field and was aggressively pursued by higher learning and research centers from around the world. Always more interested quality science than in overblown prestige, Manisha accepted a research and teaching position at the University of Madison. Her interest in Madison revolved around the groundbreaking research happening there on the human genome, which she believed would lead to a great number of medical breakthroughs.

 Manisha is kind hearted, even tempered and has one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world. She is always one or two steps ahead of her colleagues, which sometimes makes it difficult to form meaningful friendships in the ego-driven world of academia. However, her focus is always on scientific discovery and she has found that sharing her passion for the study of genetics with the next generation of young minds is more rewarding than she ever thought it could be.