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Leonardo (Leo) Alejo

Family, food and that order...depending upon how hungry I am

 Leo Alejo was born in Guerrero, Mexico where he shared every waking moment with family in a close-knit, but poor community. Life was difficult and a growing family made providing for life's basic needs a constant concern. In search of greater opportunities for his family, Leo's parent's became United States citizens and migrated to Southern California. With hard work, the Alejo family's situation improved enough to buy a small home and a hulking Ford Galaxy, which Leo still owns to this day and has lovingly named "Bertha".

 Leo trained to be a police officer right out of high school. He was quickly singled out as having an excellent eye for detail and having the ability to see multiple sides of any situation. Leo's easy going personality and jovial sense of humor made him an instantly popular member of the police force. Just as he was settling into a career in law enforcement, Leo's father passed away unexpectedly. Pedro Alejo, the eldest son, decided to move the family to the Midwest to further explore opportunities for the family. For Leo, the choice was a simple one, he went with his family.

 Even with impressive skills and glowing recommendations from fellow officers, Leo struggled to find meaningful employment in law enforcement in the largely rural areas of Wisconsin. Time and time again he applied, but was turned down for positions, even night shift. Leo always managed to keep his spirits up and appeared undaunted to those around him, despite his growing frustration. An unexpected call by a supervisor from his former department changed everything. The FBI was interested in training Leo as a Special Agent, which proved to be an opportunity he could not pass up.