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Slow and steady

I've long let go of the idea that instant success would be part of publishing a book. What I've discovered is that people are still discovering Sequence 77 and there has been a steady stream of questions and input from a variety of people over the last few years.

I've been busy, but have a dozen new ideas that are jockeying for position as the next project. I am not sure when I would begin the all-consuming process of writing again, but turning 40 has stuck the spurs into my sides, so-to-speak.

It is unlikely that I would do a sequel to Sequence 77 since I think that the story is as complete as I want it to be. The point was to get the reader to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts on how the world would change after the Sequence took effect.

Perhaps I will put out a "sneak peek" of some of my book ideas and see what intrigues people the most.

Stay tuned.........................

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Re: Slow and steady

I am looking forward to seeing your new book. I like your writing style, it is very interesting and exciting. I CANNOT WRITE BOOKS. My specialization is dissertation hypothesis writing.

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