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A writer's writer

Greeting Mr. Preston,

My name is James Patterson and I too, am a writer (and reader) of fiction. A close friend of mine gave me a copy of your book recently and encouraged a thorough reading. When I saw that it was a "self-published" title, I was indeed skeptical. However, as I read, it became apparent that a lot of time and care was taken to create a believable and tactile world. For a first title, or for a tenth, this is a well executed piece of literature. In addition, your message is clear and unflinching.

Too few writers today understand that writing is not just putting words on a page to get a story across, but rather it is a true artistic craft. You sir, understand this and proved it with each detail. I applaud your efforts and will watch your budding career with admiration and envy as mine nears an end.

Thank you and keep crafting.

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Re: A writer's writer

I held off on replying to this because I was hoping to get a little more information about whether or not this is THE James Patterson.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that this is a legitimate post from Mr. Patterson, who is a GREAT author. I'd love it if it were, but alas I am a realist and know that it is unlikely that Mr. Patterson has come across Sequence 77 at this point (maybe someday!)

Whomever wrote this, I appreciate the sentiment, but I'd much rather have 1 legitimate review than 10000 fictitious ones, no matter how flattering they are.

Thanks and please folks, Keep it real!


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Re: A writer's writer

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Re: A writer's writer

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Re: A writer's writer

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Re: A writer's writer

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Re: A writer's writer

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